World travelling italian musical company

  • Italia Migrante (Migrant Italy)

    World travelling italian musical company

  • Giulia Tripoti

    voice and toys, frame drum (as representative of the groups: Giulia Tripoti cantautrice, Terramaris, Officine Sud, PANeROSE)

  • Davide Conte

    frame frums, whistle, voice (as representative of the groups:: Davide Conte, Scantu de Cori)

  • Claudio Merico


  • Andrea Pullone

    guitar, saze, oud (as representative of the groups:: Mediterranti, Milagro Acustico)

  • Lucio Graziano

    drums, darbouka, tama (as representative of the groups: Officine Sud, PANeROSE)

  • Marco Migliarino

    bass, guitar, frame drum (as representative of the groups: Terramaris, Taxi de Brousse)

  • Mauro Ascenzi

    guitar, oud (as representative of the group 'Talia)

  • Cristina Romagni


  • Fabiano Mormile

    soprano saxophone, flutes (as representative of the groups: Terramaris, Taxi de Brousse, Orchestra Malancia, Mediterranti)

  • Franca Tarantino

    dancer, traditional dances and choreografy

  • Claudio Spadola

    actor and theater director, theater teacher (as representative of La Palestra dell'Attore)

  • Giovanni Belia

    accordion, bass, guitar, voice

The Music Company

What happens when musicians from different Italian bands, traditional dancers and theater people decide to join their rhythms, chants, songs, performances to give rise to a unique great show?

The result is "ITALIA MIGRANTE," (Migrant Italy) a musical group traveling around the World, a "combo" of musicians/actors/dancers whom are already working for years on traditional Italian music’s research and enhancing, in their respective local bands (including Terramaris, Davide Conte, Modena City Ramblers, Mediterranti, Milagro Acustico, Talia, Taxi de Brousse, Scantu de Core, Orchestra Malancia, PANeROSE, Officine Sud, Fryda, La Palestra dell'Attore and many others willing to join us on the path).

The name "ITALIA MIGRANTE" emphasizes the exchange and contamination between different cultures, due to people migration and movement, that creates a communication with no barriers and makes it possible for different peoples to encounter each-other.

In our country a great part of traditional music talked about EMIGRATION of Italians abroad, of land and loved abandonement in search of a better future. Today, however, music is based on IMMIGRATION: local music gets contaminated with sounds coming from lands kissed by the Mediterranean Sea or even more distant regions.

The continuous exchange between sounds and cultures creates a more and more modern and multi-ethnic sound, it’s a union of populations bringing different languages and cultures and finding a meeting point for dialogue through the music.

Another company’s goal is in fact making a pre-concert meeting with local musical realities, in order to give life to a part of the live show, where a real exchange with local musicians occurs. All this in order to testify the fact that music knows no barriers and, on the contrary, it acts as a binder between populations geographically "distant".

The repertoire covers the entire Italian regional folk music, eg. pizziche, tarantella, Sicilian songs, music from Calabria, Tuscany and Lazio, songs of weeders, etc. It will be based on the rhythm and the public involvement in a Mediterranean sound mix.

The musicians who have so far joined the project:

In charge of directing this traveling musicians mix is the Roman singer: Giulia Tripoti.

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